The work of our committees is the life and heart of this volunteer-run Fellowship. Members and seasonal Friends are encouraged to help with the numerous and ongoing tasks which keeps this Fellowship functioning. Please contact a Committee Chair if you would like to serve and help with any committee work.


Chair - Pat McShane. This Committee programs the weekly Sunday services with guest speakers and music. It seeks to provide meaningful services with sermons that are spiritual, thought-provoking, and embracing of the great issues and challenges of life. Speakers come from diverse backgrounds - UU ministers and those of other faiths, accomplished artists, dedicated educators, distinguished scientists and elected officials, among others.

Circle Suppers

Chair - Catherine Gant ( These monthly pot-luck dinners are social gatherings of Members and Friends over good food and good conversation. Frequent participants are asked to also host about twice a year.


Chair - Jon Stauffacher ( The responsibilities of this committee are to work with the Board of Directors and its Treasurer to:

Gift Trust

Chair - Catherine Gant. It is the responsibility of the Gift Trust Committee to:


Chair - Open. The responsibilities of this Committee are to:


Chair - Open. The responsibility of this Committee is to recommend a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting and also whenever these positions need to be filled.

Religious Education

Chair - Jennifer Miles ( This Committee coordinates and delivers a monthly curriculum for our children during the Sunday Service. We at HCUUF value and love our next generation and seek to educate them about and in accordance with UU principles in a safe and loving environment. We try to help them make and find meaning in their life experiences. Our children take part in the first 15 minutes of the Sunday Service, then they depart for their own 45-minute curriculum, taught by volunteer Members or Friends as well as invited educators. 


Chair - Barbara Schott (, Judy Campbell, Charlie Krupanszky, Nancy Lee. This committee annually fundraises and distributes scholarships to first generation college bound students, identified through a competitive application process..

Social Justice

Chair - Don Parsons ( It is the responsibility of this Committee to: