Visitors and Newcomers

Welcome to High Country Unitarian Universalist Fellowship!

HCUUF makes a special effort to welcome newcomers and help them find ways in which they can participate in the life of our Fellowship.

Kids for peace

Various social events are held throughout the year, including circle suppers, book clubs, and evening potlucks.  These events provide an excellent opportunity to get to know each other and members of the Fellowship.

Visitor Information Form

By filling out this form,  on the Welcoming Table in the lobby,  you can get on our mailing list and stay better informed about the activities of HCUUF.

Path to Membership

Becoming a member at HCUUF involves taking an Orientation Session, (offered throughout the year), pledging a monetary contribution,  volunteering on a committee and signing our Membership Book.  By doing so, you become a part of a committed and loving group of people, who will embrace your family and you on your spiritual journey.

For further information about joining HCUUF, please contact a HCUUF Board member at: Paul Aex (, Pat McShane (, and John Stauffacher (