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High Country Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (HCUUF)
Weekly Newsletter: October 8-14, 2018
• Sunday Services
• No Service: Sabbatical Month
• Volunteer to Help with the Community Dinner, October 16, 2018
• HCUFF Volunteer for Oktoberfest
• Postponed: Maria Cheng’s Moving Sale to Benefit HCUUF
• Touchstones Corner: Formation
• Focus on Formation  
• Updated plans for October from Myra Warren Isenhart
• Schedule for Conflict Resolution Month
• Come Join the Conversation- Civil Disclosure
• Taking Care Seminar
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• A Raid on the Inarticulate
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• Sunday Services
Our weekly Sunday Services take place in the Fellowship Hall of the Lord of the Mountains Church in Dillon, CO at 4:00 pm and are followed by a Social Hour or Potluck at 5:00 pm.  Potlucks usually occur on the last Sunday of the month. 
During 2018 we have had a short sabbatical during the months of May and October during which no services are held but other activities takes place from time to time.
• No Service: Sabbatical Month
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• Volunteer to Help with the Community Dinner
Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 4:30 to 7:30 pm
HCUUF volunteers will be serving the Community Dinner on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 from 4:30 to 7:30 pm. We need approximately 12-14 people to help. To volunteer, email Don Parsons at parsondo@hotmail.com. The work also includes some set-up and clean-up.
This weekly dinner, which began on March 3, 2009, has served over 100,000 people since then.
The Community Dinner is held at the Elks Lodge, 1321 Blue River Parkway, Silverthorne, CO 80498. Typically, 300 to 350 people attend each week to eat.
We still need committed volunteers by next week. PLEASE VOLUNTEER!!!!!!!!!
• HCUUF Volunteers for Oktoberfest
In addition to the Community Dinner volunteer event on Oct. 16, we are hosting a HCUUF Oktoberfest on Oct 21, 4 pm, at Uptown on Main (formerly The Boatyard) on the South side of Frisco Main Street between 3rd and 4th. We will provide appetizers and a private room. Individuals are responsible for their own drinks/other food.
Since this is our sabbatical month, we would love for all to gather at this event.

• Postponed: Maria Cheng’s Moving Sale to Benefit HCUUF
Maria's Moving Sale & Benefit for HCUUF has been postponed to November 4th.
This is the first Sun day when services resume after the fall hiatus. It will still be 11-3pm at 10A Black Diamond Trail.
 Touchstones Corner: Formation

Look Well to the Growing Edge by Parker Palmer and Carrie Newcomer
What’s the growing edge of your life? Some find it inwardly, as they reach for a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. Some find it with other people, at an edge where a relationship needs to begin, change, or end. Some find it in their work, as they look for ways to bring their gifts into deeper alignment with their souls’ imperatives and the world’s needs. Others find their growing edge in joining the struggle for justice in a broken world.
…We seem to go through three stages before we can begin to see and have confidence in the flowering.
The first [stage] is a barely-perceptible nudge toward “who-knows-what.” This often takes the form of feeling that we’re somehow out of alignment with our souls, our relationships, our work, the world’s needs.
…The second stage might be called “arrival.” But in the place where we’ve arrived, it can be hard to tell whether this is an ending or a beginning. It may feel like an empty space where what came before is long-lost, and what’s to come has yet to show up.
…The third stage might be called “surrendering to new life.”
…The deeper we’ve been able to go into our hardest experiences, the better we’ve been able to understand their root causes…. They want us to take our lives seriously enough to ask, “What’s driving this, what steps do I need to take to stop succumbing to it, and do I love my life enough to try to save it?”
Source: https://onbeing.org/blog/parker-palmer-carrie-newcomer-look-well-to-the-growing-edge/

 Focus on Formation
Formation is our theme for October. Formation involves the influence of others as well as our own self-invention. Mary Catherine Bateson calls it “composing a life.” It is as if we center ourselves on a potter’s wheel with the intention of keeping our “impassioned clay” pliable through all the changes of our life. Bateson reminds us that the undiscovered self is an unexpected and powerful resource. And there is always more to discover. Who are you? Who are you becoming?