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High Country Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (HCUUF)
Weekly Newsletter: September 11-17, 2017
• Sunday Services
• NO SERVICE-Please join Lord of the Mountain
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• Contact Information for HCUUF
• Consulting Minister, Board Members, Committees, Musician, Staff
• Sunday Services
Our weekly Sunday Services take place in the Fellowship Hall of the Lord of the Mountains Church in Dillon, CO at 4:00 pm and are followed by a Social Hour or Potluck at 5:00 pm.  Potlucks usually occur on the last Sunday of the month. 
During 2017 we have had a short sabbatical during the months of May and October during which no services are held but other activities takes place from time to time.
• NO SERVICE-Please join Lord of the Mountains Church
September 17, 2017: No Service. Celebration starts at 2 p.m.
Please Join: Lord of the Mountains Church
56 US-6,  Dillon CO, 80435                         
Please join Lord of the Mountain church in celebrating Reformation Sunday at 2 pm.
• Other News Sent Under Separate Cover
You will be forwarded, in separate e-mails, news from the UU Bookstore, UU Social Service Committee, or other official UU organizations.
• Website
Please note that we post the following on our website (www.hcuuf.org):
Specifics of the upcoming service
Time/Place/Directions to our services
Weekly Newsletter
Schedule of Sunday Services
• Contact Information for Newsletter Announcements
Please send all announcements for the Newsletter, copy ready, entitled “HCUUF NEWS” by e-mail to: admin@hcuuf.org. Deadline for Monday morning publication of the Newsletter is the previous Saturday noon.
• Contact Information for HCUUF
Website: www.hcuuf.org
Phone: 617-733-4998
Mail: HCUUF, PO Box 313, Dillon CO 80435
• Board Members, Committees, Musician, Staff
Consulting Minister: Rev. Dr. Jerry Kelly
Board Members:
  Paul Aex (paex@comcast.net)
  Lorraine Gill (lorrainecgill@yahoo.com)
  Pat McShane (pat@patmcshane.com)
  Don Parsons (parsondo@hotmail.com)
  Marge Seabourn (mseabourn@yahoo.com)
Celebrations: Pat McShane, Paul Aex, Julie Dufford, Greg Dufford
Finance: John Stauffacher
Gift Trust: Catherine Gant, Nancy Lee, Greg Dufford
Nominations: Harold Gant, Maria Cheng, Nancy Lee
Scholarship: Paul Aex, Barb Leach, Nancy Lee, Barbara Schott
Set-Up Scheduling: Paul Aex, Lorraine Gill
Social Justice: Don Parsons
Treasurer: Don Parsons
Musician: Caroline Hesford
Admin Consultant: Daniela Acosta (admin@hcuuf.org)

Contact HCUUF at admin@hcuuf.org 

HCUUF Mailing Address: PO Box 313, Dillon, 80435 CO