HCUUF is a completely volunteer-run organization, governed by a Board of Trustees elected by the membership,several standing committees (see below and the web page on Committees) whose  chairs are appointed by the Board, and an administrative consultant. The Board meets monthly to address the governance, fiscal, personnel and policy needs of the Fellowship. The committees see to the day-to-day needs of this community.  The Administrative Consultant publishes the weekly newsletter, assembles the weekly Order of Service, maintains the web site and keeps current the data base of the Membership.

Board of Trustees

Currently HCUUF's Board members:  Paul Aex [paex@comcast.net] , Lorraine Gill [lorrainegill@yahoo.com], Don Parsons [parsondo@hotmail.com], Pat McShane [pat@patmcshane.com], and Marge Seabourn [mseabourne@yahoo.com]


Celebrations: Pat McShane, Paul Aex, Julie Dufford, Greg Dufford
Finance: John Stauffacher
Gift Trust: Catherine Gant
Nominating:  Catherine Gant, Nancy Lee, Greg Dufford
Scholarship: Paul Aex, Barb Leach, Nance Lee, Barbara Schott
Social Justice, Treasurer: Don Parsons
Musician: Caroline Hesford
Newsletter, Order of Service, Website: Daniela Acosta

Administrative Consultant

Daniela Acosta [admin@hcuuf.org]